The Island Takes Flight

In Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, the title character’s third voyage takes him to the flying island, Laputa. Laputa is home to the most distinguished artists and intellectuals, all of whom are so deeply immersed in lofty thought that they are quite incapable of simple tasks. In the novel, Swift’s satire of the intelligentsia is both merciless and hilarious, but the idea of the flying island – a magical place entirely devoted to thinking – resonates deeply.

Our flying island is very much in its infancy, with its first project – The Entangled Plays – to be presented on February 11th. With the support of the Palo Alto Art Center and the commitment of other theater artists, however, I hope that it plays a valuable role in the cultivation of new work on the San Francisco Peninsula. Our mission is to create a dialogue between the amazing work presented by the center and local theater artists, to encourage artistic exploration and experimentation by combining the disciplines of theater and visual art, and to foster an appreciation for new work in our community.

I hope you join us.

-Bennett Fisher, Founder and Artistic Director


~ by Flying Island Lab on January 19, 2011.

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